About Dameron Associates, LLC

Dameron Associates, LLC is a boutique consulting group focused on guiding entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and businesses (government and private sector) aiming to grow their market share, improve their operations and to achieve their purpose with detailed planning and execution.  

Located in Plano, Texas, clients have included nonprofits, trade associations, U.S. military, entrepreneurs and businesses across the U.S.  


To guide clients in raising their industry presence and achieving their intended purpose.


Honesty + Ethical + Collaboration + Meaningful Work

About Patricia Dameron

Patricia Dameron has 25 years of senior executive experience working with national and international industry trade associations, nonprofits and small business; building market presence and adding value for its customers and respective industry.

She has worked for organizations representing trucking, financial services, women’s groups, hospitality and meetings, and retail where she has guided the planning and strategic direction of organizations striving to reach their potential and achieve their goals successfully. When doing her work, she assesses their current environment and market potential, defines their target market needs, and clarifies their strategies to reach a shared vision achievable in the future.

She is a native of South Carolina with a B.A. in Journalism from the University of South Carolina (Columbia) and an MBA from Loyola University in Maryland.

About Ed Dameron

Ed Dameron is a senior healthcare consultant for equipment planning, programming, and procurement who has successfully completed major design/build/renovation projects for the U.S. Military as well as the civilian healthcare sector. His concentration is on defining client needs and collaborating with the design team on equipment technical data to ensure infrastructure requirements are met upon equipment installation.  His procurement expertise in the process involves defining the equipment and accessories requirements, preparing bid packages, negotiating pricing, defining vendor qualifications and selection and overseeing installation. 

He has worked globally on projects up to 1 million square feet for the U.S. Military and private sector healthcare companies. He has a Bachelor’s degree and MBA from Chapman University, Orange, California. Also, he is a military veteran and retired USAF officer.