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Selecting Qualified Board Members

No matter whether you’re voting for a leader for a federal office, city council or for a community organization, it can be daunting to select the right person for the job.  That’s especially true if you don’t know the candidates personally.  You lack first-hand knowledge about their skills, values, motivations and intelligence which provide assurances that you’re selecting the best qualified individual.   Choosing a new board member for your nonprofit association is equally daunting because you sometimes lack the same knowledge of the candidates.  Plus, nonprofit boards require a selfless person who’s willing to give their expertise and time for…

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Prepping for Next Year Yet?

Start with Looking Inward While many of us are enjoying the summer, it's not too early to start thinking about the new year and getting started on developing your plans, strategies and goals for next fiscal year.  If you already are in the midst of a three or five-year plan, you may have your goals set and just need to update for recent environmental changes that have accelerated your plan or those events that have set you back.  Some organizations may need to start fresh because your plan doesn’t reflect current customers’ needs or the market environment.  Or, the plan may be…

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Is an Advisory Board for You?

Over the years, I’ve been honored to be asked to participate on advisory boards a few times.  Each were positive experiences for me and one I'd recommend with a caveat to understand your role before accepting.  An advisory board typically differs from a corporate or nonprofit board of directors because these aren't elected positions.  Advisors aren’t officially elected to the seat nor do they have a fiduciary responsibility for their actions. They are advisors only, not directors. My first experience was for a large corporation and another was a small business.  Both were valuable experiences that enabled me to gain…

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